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Suited for  Success Consignment Terms :   

  • Consigners will pay a one time administrative fee of $10 to set up a consignment account at Suited for Success. Once the account has been created, the consigner may bring in items for consignment.
  • We will try to inspect your items while you wait or shop.
  •  In order for consignment pieces to be accepted, they must be clean, free of stains, odors, needed repair, or other signs of wear.
  • If we are unable to inspect your items immediately, we will inspect them later and then notify you of any unacceptable items and request that they be picked up within seven days. Items not picked up will be donated or otherwise disposed of.
  • Item prices will be determined by Suited for Success and may be discounted at our discretion.
  • Consigners will receive 40% of the actual sale price. Checks are issued monthly by mail, or you may arrange to pick up your check at the shop. If a check is not picked up within 4 months of the issue date, it will become void and will not be reissued.
  • If items have not sold within the 120-day period, you will be notified and have 7 days after the notification to reclaim them after which they will be donated or become the property of the shop.
  • Please note that used merchandise cannot be insured; therefore, Suited for Success is not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, flood, or damage of any kind.
  • Please make an appointment to bring in your gently used clothes for consignment:  call (804) 914-5626.  To save time, you may complete the Consignment Intake Form before your appointment.
  • You may call Suited for Success at any time to inquire about what has sold and what items are remaining.

Some Helpful Tips for Consigning Success:

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your consigning experience at Suited for Success.

Hang clothing items neatly.

Ensure each item has a brand and size tag attached.

Make sure that your items are not dated… If it's more than 2 years old, it probably would be best donated than brought in for consignment.

Presentation matters.  At Suited for Success we look at each piece through the eyes of a discriminating shopper who wants a great item for an affordable price. The more they look like they came straight off the rack at the original retailer, the more likely they will sell and make you money!

Accepting Time Frames:
Spring /Summer – April 15- July 30
Fall /Winter – August 1-Dec. 30

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