Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fabulous Flowers

At last, spring has sprung! Temperatures are warming, birds are singing, and flowers are FINALLY blooming here in Richmond! But here at Suited for Success it’s always springtime...

Spring is all about accessorizing, and you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous sparkly baubles. 

Mother’s Day is coming up soon- why give mom a bouquet that will wilt and die when you could give her one of these gorgeous rings that will shine and make her smile and think of you whenever she wears it?

Let’s face it- you can’t wear a show-stopper ring like this without everyone telling you, “OMG, I LOVE your ring!” 

Never worn one before? Trust us. It’s true. Just ask Hillary Duff or Dannii Minogue...



Or maybe you want to wear your flowers around your neck with a statement necklace like this one (pair it with a crisp button-up blouse and you’ll look totally fresh and put together)...

But if you really want to make a statement, then go for a fun Hawaiian print like this fantastic carryall:

Or you can wear your flowers in unexpected places with a cute pair of shoes like these gorgeous lavender and plum peep toe pumps...

Just remember, Suited For Success has a huge selection of fabulous jewelry and accessories you can’t find anywhere else! Come by and let us help you select something totally unique for Mom for Mothers Day or pick out a flowery little something for yourself... ;-)

Happy Spring, everyone!

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